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Fulham F.C. with P2P4U Net

Fulham Football Club holds the distinction of being the oldest football club in London. With origins dating back to 1879 as the Fulham St Andrew’s Church Sunday School club Fulham F.C. is one of the more popular clubs in England in large part due to its history and the fact that it has shown a penchant for turning out some of the best players to ever play the game. These include the likes of George Cohen, Rodney Marsh, Alan Mullery and Johnny Haynes. Fulham has been a member of the Premier league for the last 11 seasons after they climbed up from the second tier where they spent most of the 1990s.

The home stadium for Fulham is known as Craven Cottage and as is expected it is located in Fulham, London. Craven Cottage has been the home to Fulham Football Club ever since 1896 though there was a period from 2002 to 2004 where Fulham was forced to play at other locations due to a renovation. The renovation increase the capacity of Craven Cottage to a little over 25,000 people though it is still much smaller than some of the large stadiums that can seat upwards of 45,000 fans. Although they must share their fan base with other London football clubs, some of which have a much more successful history in the top league, P2P4U net notes that Fulham still maintain a rather healthy fan base. Buoyed by their entry into the Premier league 11 season ago fans of Fulham can be found in London and the rest of England in great numbers and their support on the European continent is steady as well. With this new support Fulham has started to appear in the top 20 clubs in terms of average annual attendance.

Fulham began its resurgence as a top tier team under the ownership of Mohammad Al-Fayed who purchased the team in 1997. Two season later Fulham was once again a member of the top league as Al-Fayed had promised when he took the team over. Although this was not the club’s first appearance in the top division it was Fulham’s first appearance in the Premier league.  Fulham is known by three different nicknames, which include The Whites, The Lily Whites and The Cottagers. P2P4U also uncovered a little known fact about Fulham F.C. and that is that they have an official mascot named Billy the Badger. For those that watch football Billy can often be seen prancing around wearing the number 79 in homage to the year that the team was founded.

The home kit for Fulham consists of white shorts and a white shirt trimmed in black while the away kit is predominantly black with red lining.  The official crest for Fulham F. C. is a black shield with a white background that features “FFC” in Red letters. P2P4U, and most Fulham fans, consider Chelsea Football club to be the main rival of the Fulham F.C. The two teams are literally neighbors in Fulham London and fans of the two clubs often live right next to one another. Although this rivalry is intense for Fulham fans, Chelsea fans do not generally feel the same way about it since Fulham has only been competing in the same division for a short period of time. Before Fulham’s ascent to the Premier league these two clubs hardly ever had the chance to meet.

The leading scorer for Fulham is Gordon Davies who scored 178 goals for the club during his career. Second on the all time list is Johnny Haynes with 158 goals scored followed by Bedford Jezzard who scored 158 goals for Fulham. Johnny Haynes also led the team in all time appearances with 658. The current manager of Fulham Football Club is Martin Jol who P2P4U net discovered signed a two year contract with the club in June of 2011. Jol is the first Dutch manager of Fulham since Jean Tigana was released in 2003. With Jol in the managers seat and the continued support and guidance of team owner Mohammad Al-Fayed the future looks bright for Fulham F.C. and in the future there should be plenty of motivation for fans to come watch football at Craven Cottage.

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