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P2P4U net Arsenal Football

To discuss P2P4U net football we will look at the football club Arsenal.  This is a northern London club which has won ten of the FA Cups and thirteen of the Premier League and First Division Championships.  P2P4U net has followed Arsenal football for a while, and it has been around much longer.  Arsenal got started in 1886 which is over 125 years ago.  During that time from then to now Arsenal has grown in value to over $1.3 billion dollars.

According to p2p4u much of the years that Arsenal played they were at home at Manor Ground which is located in Plumstead.  Arsenal Stadium (also known as Highbury) was where Arsenal played until 2006.  If you like to watch live football and Arsenal is your team than you should be calling yourself a “Gooner” as the Arsenal fans call each other Gooners which is a derivation of the team’s name of The Gunners.

The all time leading scorer of goals that Arsenal fans ever got to watch was Thierry Henry.  P2p4U net calculates that he scored two hundred and twenty six goal while he was on the team for 8 years.  The most fans that ever attended a match to watch Arsenal play live football was 73, 700 which occured back in 1998.  Over its history, Arsenal has had twenty three managers that were in charge of the team.  The longest tenure of any of the managers was a thirteen year stint by Arsene Wenger.   Arsenal was part of the first football match that was broadcast live on the television.  This occured back in the 1930’s.

P2P4U net has watched the European soccer league and Arsenal play many fierce matches against its rival Tottenham.  What you need to watch is for the quick strikes, the corner kicks that get headed in, and some brilliant goaltending.  P2P4U net likes to watch this rivalry especially because the players know each other pretty well and both sides play very hard and intense against each other.  It is one of the better rivalries that you will enjoy to watch.

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