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P2P4U Net Blackpool Football Club

Blackpool Football Club is a team that is often overlooked by both fans and rivals, but not by P2P4U net. Founded way back in 1887 In Blackpool England, the Blackpool Football Club currently competes in the second tier of the English football league system, known as the Football League Championship. Blackpool was formally a member of the top tier, known as the Premier league, but was demoted at the end of the 2010-11 Seasons which was their first season in the Premier league. While the 2009-2010 season could be seen as Blackpool’s most successful season since it resulted in a promotion to the Premier league, the 1982-83 season is generally considered to be the worst season for Blackpool football after the club finished 21st in the league’s lowest tier.

Blackpool’s home stadium, known as Bloomfield road, is an excellent place to watch football and is highly recommended by P2P4U net. Since 1900 Blackpool has played over 2,100 games at Bloomfield road, 19 of which were Premier games that came during the 2010-11 season. After work is completed on the South West Corner of the stadium Bloomfield Road’s capacity will be increased to over 18,000. Since 2009 Blackpool Football Club has been managed by Ian Holloway who took the team to its first appearance in the Premier league despite the fact that in his career with Blackpool he has lost more games than he has won.

Blackpool is noted as being the only English football club to have been promoted through all four tiers of the English Football League System by winning in the playoffs. Accomplishing such a feat requires success at all levels of the English Football League system though it also means that the club has had its share up ups and downs. The motto of the Blackpool Football Club is “progress,” which is also featured on a red banner with a white background on the official club crest. Nicknames for the Blackpool Football Club include “The Seasiders,” because of their location on the coast, “The Pool” obviously in homage to Blackpool, and “The Tangerines” thanks to their bright orange uniforms.

While Blackpool has a few intense rivalries with other teams in the English Football League System P2P4U considered their rivalry with third tier team Preston North End to be one of the fiercest in all of English football. When these two teams go at it on game day the results are almost always entertaining. For those that like to watch football a game between Blackpool and Preston North End is a must see event. A matchup between the two teams in generally called the West Lancashire derby, since both teams are located in Lancashire, England.

Although Blackpool has had a long and storied history P2P4U believes that their best season came in 1953 when the club won the 1953 FA cup final. This game is commonly known as the Matthews Final due to the incredible performance of Blackpool winger Stanly Matthews. Matthews is a legend amongst Blackpool fans and P2P4U notes that he is still the only English football player to have been knighted while he was still active in the sport. The leading scorer for Blackpool is fullback centre forward Jimmy Hampson who managed to score 252 goals in only 373 matches from 1927 to 1938. Had his career not been cut short after he was lost at sea during a fishing trip in 1938 Hampson could have turned out to be one of the most prolific scorers in English football history. As it is, Hampson is still recognized as one of the best centre forwards to ever play for the Blackpool Football Club.

P2P4U net also recognizes Blackpool Football Club as one of the first club to have an organized supporters group. Supporters of Blackpool are often called the Seaside Barmy Army or the Tangerine Army and the supporters groups have been known as the Atomic Boys and the Seasiders. These avid fans have been known to turn out to watch their team play in large numbers no matter what the occasion. Even though Blackpool itself is only a town of a little over 16,000 people there are hundreds of thousands of Blackpool supporters throughout England and even in Europe and America.

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