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P2P4U Net Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs in the English Premier league according to P2P4U net and millions of fans love to watch Manchester United play football on the pitch. Manchester United has been around since 1878 but it wasn’t until the 20th century that they became known as Manchester United. They have won the most championships in the English Premier football league with over 50 titles to their credit. They have also won seven international championships. Manchester United has a very large fan base and their football club is one of the richest clubs in the world with a value of a little under $2 billion.

The first football field that Manchester United used was known as North Road. The Stadium that Manchester United currently plays football at is Old Trafford which is one of P2P4U net favorite stadiums throughout the English Premier league. The seating attendance capacity at old Trafford is a little under 76,000 people.

Being the most popular football team has resulted in fans all over the globe who love to watch football matches with Manchester United. There are hundreds of fan clubs for them spanning over 25 countries and it is said that there are 76 million Manchester United supporters in the world. Manchester United has a rivalry with multiple different football teams such as Arsenal and Liverpool. These rivalry matches are always highly attended by fans of both sides and if you have the opportunity to view one of these matches P2P4U net recommends that you attend the match.

Manchester United is a worldwide powerhouse as a brand. It has drawn sponsorship from many different large corporations such as Sharp electronics. The better the team performs and plays on the pitch the higher their revenue share from television broadcasting rights with the league. Manchester United has been a publicly traded company and also a privately owned company. In the 1990s Manchester United went on to the London stock exchange but in the 21st-century Manchester United was purchased by Malcolm Glazer. It is thought that Manchester United will have an IPO in the near future to raise funds and lower their outstanding obligations.

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