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P2P4U Net Wigan Athletic F.C.

With history that date back to only 1932 Wigan Athletic Football Club is one of the youngest clubs to ever compete in the Premier league. Promoted to the Premier league in 2005, Wigan Athletic is currently serving in their first ever visit to the top flight of competition. Before 2005 Wigan Athletic was a Perennial bottom feeder relegated to the bottom tiers of English football. Despite being founded in 1932 Wigan was not accepted into the Football League until 1972 when it was allowed to compete in the fourth division. Although Wigan Athletic has been in the Premier league for over half a decade the club still has not managed to finish better than 10th in any of its campaigns and in 2010-11 the club could only manage a 16th place finish.

Since 1999 Wigan Athletic have played their home matches in DW Stadium, which is located in Wigan. With a capacity of just over 25,000 DW stadium is nowhere near the biggest football stadium in England but it is one of the newest. Before moving to DW Stadium Wigan Athletic used Springfield Park as its stomping ground. With a capacity of 40,000 Wigan Athletic’s former stadium was a good deal bigger than its new home though its current capacity is more than enough to accommodate Wigan’s small but loyal fan base. Most diehard football fans will turn out to watch football on almost any occasion but it takes a special type of fan to stick by a club that consistently fails to win year after year.

Wigan Athletic is commonly known as the Lactics by both friend and foe and though the name may sound weird P2P4U believes that the name given to fans of Wigan Athletic is much more off the wall. Wigan fans are known as pie eaters or pies, the basis of which dates all the way back to a strike in 1926 in which workers were forced back to work and had to eat “humble pie.” Wigan Athletic’s home kit features a bright blue shirt with white shorts while the away kit features a dark blue shirt outlined in lime green with navy blue shorts.

Wigan Athletic F.C. has a modern day rivalry with a few different English football clubs but the most prominent rivalries are those that involve the Bolton Wanderers and Preston North End. Wigan Athletic once had a heated rivalry with Chorley F.C. but the two clubs have not met since 1978 an P2P4U thinks that it is safe to assume that the fire behind this rivalry has long since burned out. Because it is based in greater Manchester P2P4U note that there is some tension between the fans of Wigan and those of other Manchester clubs such as Manchester City or Manchester United, both of which have a much more successful history than Wigan Athletic.

Wigan Athletic has been the victim of a rather lackluster performance since they were founded in 1932. The most important thing that the club has won in its history is the championship in England’s second division though it must be noted that they were runners up for the Football League Championship in 2005.

Roberto Martinez, hired in 2009, is the current manager of Wigan Athletic and the man that many Wigan fans have put their faith and trust in. While Martinez may not have had the immediate success that most fans crave ownership must believe that he is taking the club in the right direction since they signed him to a contract extension in June of 2011.

Since Wigan Athletic is more than 50 years younger than some English football clubs it has had less time to establish the same type of mind blowing records that you normally get when looking at older teams. Wigan’s record holder for appearances for instance is Kevin Langley with 317 appearances. Langley’s appearance record is less than half of the record appearances for other English football clubs. Wigan’s top scorer, Andy Liddell, is also quite lower than league average with only 70 goals to his credit for the club though it must be noted that unlike older clubs that typically have their records set or broken before the 1970s both of the players mentioned played in relatively modern times.

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