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P2P4U Net Aston Villa Football

P2P4U net will look at that the Aston Villa football club which is part of the English Premier football league. Aston Villa football club was started back in 1874. For over 115 years Aston Villa has played at the same stadium which is called Villa Park. Aston Villa has won seven championships and also 7 FA Cup titles. The local team that they do battle with often is Birmingham city.

The Aston Villa crest is a yellow lion with blue and red stripes in the background. This crest was used until the 2007 season when a new crest was introduced. Villa Park, which is where Aston Villa plays their home football matches, is a top-rated football stadium. In the 1800s Aston Villa also played at Aston Park for three years and Perry Barr for 21 years. Villa Park can hold over 50,000 football fans during the match and is one of the most used stadiums in the European premiere football league. P2P4U net believes that watching football at Villa Park is an amazing experience.

Aston villa is owned by Randy Lerner who also owns the NFL’s Cleveland Browns. Lerner took full control of Aston Villa in 2007. Aston Villa has a huge fan base and under the new management they have been looking to expand their fan base to find new fans who enjoy watching football. Like the other football teams in the English Premier league, Aston Villa has multiple hooligans such as the steamers, Villa hard-core, and Villa youth. Aston Villa has a second longest tenure in the Premier league. Because Aston Villa and Everton are the two oldest teams in the English Premier league the match when they play each other is always a popular draw. Thousands of football fans love to watch this football game every year. p2p4u net highly recommends watching this football match when these two teams play. The other great matchup to watch each year is when Aston Villa takes on Birmingham city as these two teams are found near each other and this has created a great rivalry in the English Premier league.

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