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P2P4U Net Birmingham City

P2P4U net is going to discuss the Birmingham city football club which is a very popular football club in the English Premier league. Birmingham city has many fans who love to watch their football matches especially when they played their rivals Aston Villa. Birmingham city was founded in 1875 but did not officially become Birmingham city until almost 70 years later.

Birmingham city has multiple owners, the largest shareholder is Carson Yeung who owns almost 30% of the club. Carson purchased his shares in the club in 2007. The Birmingham city official colors are blue and white. They also have an alternative uniform that is white blue and yellow.

Main stand is the Stadium that Birmingham city plays at for their football matches. This stadium has been in use for almost 60 years and has a capacity of around 56,000 people. Birmingham city’s football fans are known as the Bluenoses. This name is used negatively towards Birmingham’s fans by the opposing football clubs fan base. The Birmingham city mascot is a dog dressed in the Birmingham city football uniform.

Frank Womack is one of the best-known Birmingham city football players as he took the field for Birmingham in almost 500 matches that spanned 20 years. Joe Bradford is Birmingham city’s top scorer with almost 250 goals in the English Premier league. P2p4u net always enjoys watching football matches where Birmingham city takes part. Their Stadium is a fun place to watch a football match at and their mascot is one of the more energetic mascots in the English Premier football league. The Birmingham city fans are always very involved in the team’s football matches and they love to watch their team play football.

Birmingham city won their first league cup in 1963 and one another cup again in 1966. Birmingham city has played many memorable football matches over the years, whether they are playing their cross town rival Aston Villa or any of the other English Premier football teams such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, West ham United, or any of the other football teams.

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