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Bolton Wanderers on P2P4U net

With history dating back to 1874 the Bolton Wanderers Football Club is one of the oldest and most storied clubs in the English Football history. Originally established as the Christ Church Football Club back in 1874 the club changed its name to the Bolton Wanderers Football Club in 1877. The Bolton Wanderers are based in Bolton, a densely populated borough in greater Manchester. Although the Bolton Wanderers are not the only English football club based in Manchester, or the only Premier League football club they are still widely popular throughout the city and have just as loyal a fan base as most other English football clubs.

After playing their home games in Burden Park for over a century the Bolton Wanderers moved to Reebok Stadium in 1997. Reebok Stadium, Which P2P4U net estimates has a capacity of over 18,000 people, is one of the best places in England to sit and watch football. Known as “The Reebok” by adoring fans, Reebok Stadium even has a hotel built into the side that allows guests to view the field from some of the rooms. Before it was demolished and replaced by Reebok Stadium, Burden Park held a record attendance of over 69,000 for a game in 1933 pitting the Wanderers against Manchester City.

Like most football clubs the Bolton Wanders have a variety of different nicknames that are used by their fans. Some like to refer to the team as “The Trotters” while simply call the club “The Wanderers.” In reference to their white uniforms the Bolton Wanderers are also known as “The Whites” and “The White Men.” The official club colors of the Bolton Wanderers are white, red and blue, all three of which are used in the team’s official badge which includes a blue ball composed of the letters B and W and two ribbons, one red and the other blue, laid out on an all white background. The home uniform for the club incorporates all of these colors but the away uniform breaks with tradition and uses black and yellow and instead of white and blue as the primary colors.

As a founding member of the Football League back in 1888 the Bolton Wanderers has plenty of history though its fans have had to live through more than their fair share of lows over the last 100 years. As current members of the Premier League the Bolton Wanderers have spent more seasons, 72 to be exact, in the top tier league than any other club without winning the title. In fact, the highest that the Wanderers have ever finished is third and that was last back in the 1920’s.

The Bolton Wanders main rivalry is with the Blackburn Rovers, a matchup that is highly touted by P2P4U net. The Black Burn Rovers Football Club is also based in Manchester and is less than twenty miles away from the Bolton Wanders Football Club, making for a an intensely personal rivalry for many fans. For those that like to watch football there won’t be many better matchups than the Wanderers and Rovers going at it.

The Bolton Wanderers are currently managed by Owen Coyle who was hired in 2010 to replace Gary Megson. In his first campaign with Bolton Owen Coyle led the team to a 14th place finish in the Premier league and while it was not a stellar season the fans are hopeful that he will be able to turn things around. During the summer of 2011 Coyle mad the decision to let a handful of players go, some of which were beloved fan favorites such as Joey O’Brien though he also added a slew of new faces to the roster including Chris Eagles and Tyrone Mears.

The all time top goal scorer for the Bolton Wanderers is centre forward Nat Lofthouse. Lofthouse was with the Wanderers from 1946 to 1960 and during that period he scored a total of 285 goals. In second place is Joe smith who played from 1908 to 1927 and scored 277 goals during his career with the Bolton Wanderers. As the top all time scorer for the Bolton Wanderers Football Club P2P4U recognizes Nat Lofthouse as perhaps the best centre forward to ever play for the club.

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