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P2P4U Net Chelsea F.C.

Although Chelsea Football Club may not be as old as some clubs that were founded in the 1870’s or 1880’s it can still boast of over 100 years worth of English football history. Formed in 1905 Chelsea Football Club has spent a majority of its existence competing in the top tier of English professional football. Throughout its history Chelsea has managed to become English champions no less than four times, won the FA Cup a total of six times while also winning the League Cup four times. In addition to competing in England, Chelsea has also been quite successful in Europe as well, having won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup twice. Three of the four Premier titles won by Chelsea throughout its history have been won in the last ten years, capping off, in the eyes on P2P4U net, one of the most successful decades for any team in English football history.

Unlike the name would have you believe, Chelsea Football Club is not actually based in Chelsea, but rather in Fulham which is a few miles away. The home stadium for Chelsea, which is also located in Fulham, is known as Stamford Bridge and can seat over 41,000 fans; a capacity that P2P4U notes it often needs since Chelsea matches tend to draw large crowds. Any serious fan that likes to watch football probably knows that Chelsea has two nicknames that are commonly used. The first, which is “The Pensioners” was used primarily up until the middle of the 20th century and the second, “The Blues,” has been used since then. Chelsea has also had a variety of different crests throughout its history, the newest of which was unveiled in 2005 and features a hollowed out blue circle and features a blue lion in the middle of the circle.

Since blue is the primary color of Chelsea the club’s kits have also been predominantly blue with a mixture of white though their new away kits are predominantly black.

When it comes to attendance records in English Football the Chelsea Football Club ranks fifth all time and P2P4U net estimates that they are the fifth most supported team in the English Premier league with an average attendance of well over 41,000. If you want to watch football at Stamford Bridge it would probably be a good idea to learn a few of the chants that Chelsea fans like to sing during the game, such as ‘We all Follow Chelsea.’ Another fan favorite is the chant known as “celery: because fns often follow it up with plenty of celery throwing on the part of the fans, though celery has been banned in Stamford Bridge since 2007.

Unlike most English football club Chelsea do not have a dominant rivalry with any one or two clubs that the fans look forward to every season, mainly because many of their traditional rivals have spent the last few years in separate tiers so the teams rarely have a chance to meet. P2P4U believes that because Chelsea has spent so many years on top in the Premier league that it is bound to develop a solid rivalry with one or more of the teams it routinely competes with for the cup.

Chelsea fans have also been known to take part in what is known as football hooliganism from time to time and the club even has a dedicated mob of fans known as the Chelsea Shed Boys or the Chelsea Headhunters that come together to cause chaos before and after Chelsea matches. While the fans have been known to get incredibly rowdy on occasion P2P4U net notes that they have not been any livelier than the fans of most other English soccer clubs.

Bobby Tambling, who played from 1959 to 1970 is the top all time scorer for Chelsea with a total of 202 goals over 370 games. In terms of matches played, known as appearances in the world of English football, Ron Harris holds the record with 795 appearances between 1961 an 1980. In 2011 Chelsea signed new manager Andre Villas-Boas to replace the quite successful Carlo Ancelotti who was signed in 2009 and led the team to victories in the FA Cup and the Premier League.

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