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Blackburn Rovers on P2P4U Net

The Blackburn Rovers are part of the English football Premier league and are one of P2P4U net’s favorite football teams. The Blackburn football team was founded in 1875 and was one of the original members of the football league.  In the early 90s Blackburn joined the highest rank of football league in all of Europe. The Blackburn Rovers have use multiple stadiums over the years starting with Oozehead Ground which was used when Blackburn was first founded for two years. The next field was Pleasington cricket ground which was also used for two years. Alexandra Meadows was their next stadium and that was only used for three years. Leamington Road was Blackburn’s fourth stadium and used for nine years. And finally Ewood Park has been the Blackburn Rovers Stadium from 1890 through today.

Blackburn’s biggest rival is Burnley as the two clubs are less than 10 miles away from each other. P2P4U net believes that Blackburn verse Burnley is one of the most exciting football matches you will see. Another rivalry that Blackburn has is with Manchester United which is due to their close proximity to each other as well as some very competitive matches in the 1990s.

Blackburn Rovers football games on average have the lowest attendance out of any team in the Premier league. Blackburn’s population is a little over 100,000 people and about 20% of them attend a match on average. P2P4U net would recommend attending the Blackburn games as you can find good seats for a good price due to the low turnout at most matches.

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