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Manchester City F.C. with P2P4U Net

Originally founded as St. Marks in 1880, then renamed Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887, Manchester City Football Club did not receive its current name until 1894. Based in Manchester, Manchester City F.C. has spent most of its history competing within the top flight of English football. The most successful period for Manchester City came in the 1960s an 1970s when the club won the FA Cup, the League Cup, the European Cup Winners Cup and the League Championship. Although Manchester city was demoted to the third tier of English football in the 1980s it has since been promoted back into the top light, known s the Premier league, where it finished 3rd in 2010-11. In fact, as recently as 2011 Manchester City managed to compete for and win the FA Cup.

In 2003 Manchester City moved into the City of Manchester Stadium, also known as Etihad Stadium, which has a capacity o over 47,000 people. Although the stadium was originally built for the Commonwealth Games in 2002 Manchester City was allowed to take it over in 2003 so that the building did not go to waste. Before Etihad Stadium, Manchester City claimed Maine Road as their primary stomping grounds and P2P4U notes that they played in that stadium from 1923 until they moved to their new stadium in 2003. Although it was not as big as the new City of Manchester Stadium, Maine Road was still a great place for Manchester City fans to watch football.

To fans and opponents alike Manchester City is known by a variety of nicknames, the most popular of which are “City,” ‘The Citizens,” and “The Blues.” P2P4U net believes that the latter nickname comes from the club’s home colors, which are sky blue and white. The club’s away colors are Red and Black and their away kit consists of a red shirt with vertical black stripes and all black shorts. The official club crest, which is based primarily on the arms of the city of Manchester, features a golden eagle behind a sky blue shield with the letters M.C.F.C. written in gold running along a horizontal black stripe. Below the shield is a banner that bears the Latin Phrase Superbia in Proelio, which is the clubs official motto and translated into Pride in battle.

Although Manchester City has struggled with success throughout its history P2P4U recognizes Manchester City as one of the most popular football clubs in England. Year in and year out Manchester City routinely ranks in the top ten of in attendance amongst all English football clubs. Like most English football clubs Manchester City has a variety of different supporter organizations though only two, the Manchester City FC Supporters Club and the Centenary Supporters Association have achieved official recognition. The song commonly sung at Manchester City home matches is “Blue Moon,” which is a fan favorite.

Manchester City’s biggest rival is recognized by most, including P2P4U, to be neighboring Manchester United which also participates in the Premier league and is easily one of the most popular football clubs in the world. These two clubs typically come together every year to contest the Manchester Derby, the winner of which gets bragging rights throughout the city until the next derby takes place.

Manchester City is currently managed by Roberto Mancini, an Italian that was hired in 2009. Since joining the club Mancini has managed 104 games, 62 of which he won, giving him the best winning percentage of any long term manager in club history with 59.62%. The top goal scorer for Manchester City is Eric Brook who scored 177 goals for the team from 1928 to 1940. Alan Oakes holds the record for most appearances with the club which P2P4U net has calculated to be 680 appearances from 1958 to 1976. During the 1928-29 season Tommy Johnson set the record for most goals scored in a single season with 38.

After coming off of a 2011 campaign that saw the club finish 3rd in the Premier league while winning the FA Cup fans of Manchester City have high hopes for their beloved football club. With expectation higher than ever P2P4U predicts that more fans than ever before will flock to City of Manchester Stadium to watch football.

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