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Stoke City F.C. with P2P4U Net

The Stoke City Football Club can trace its roots all the way back to 1863 and the foundation of the Stoke Ramblers Football Club, making it the oldest club to play in the premier league and the second oldest club in professional English football. In 1878, after a merger with another club, the Stoke Ramblers became the Stoke Football Club; they would keep this name until 928 when the club was renamed the Stoke City Football Club after its home town, Stoke-on-Trent, was granted city status. Although Stoke City F.C. is the oldest club to play in the premier league Stoke City is actually a relatively new addition to English football’s top flight of competition, having joined the Premier league only in 2008 after wining promotion up from the second tier. Before their promotion in 2008 P2P4U has discovered that Stoke City did not participate in the top tier of English football for over two decades.

The most commonly used nickname for Stoke City F.C. is “The Potters,” which is a reference to the thriving potter industry that was once a significant part of the Stoke-on-Trent economy.

The current home ground of Stoke City is known as Britannia Stadium and has been used by the Potters since it was completed in 1997. Although Britannia Stadium is still rather new in comparison to a lot of the English football stadiums out there, it still only has the capacity to hold a little over 27,500 fans, almost 15,000 less than most other new stadiums. Before Britannia Stadium was completed in 1997 Stoke City played their home matches at Victoria Ground, which had been their home stadium since 1878.

The home colors for Stoke City are red and white and their home kit includes a red shirt with white vertical stripes and red shorts with white lining. In comparison, their away kit uses the same design as the home kit but substitutes red for black and white for blue. The Stoke City crest also used these colors on a shield shaped design that features the club name and the year the club was founded positioned over a blue banner that portrays the club’s nickname in white letters.

Although Stoke City F.C. enjoys loyal support from its fan base that routinely sell out home matches at Britannia Stadium the club is also known for having a rather aggressive fan base that has participated in football hooliganism from time to time. The Naughty Forty Firm which is linked to Stoke city is especially known for engaging in a bit of extracurricular activities before and after matches, often drawing the ire of local authorities. These days Stoke City has a much better reputation though things can still get a bit rowdy when you try to watch football at Britannia Stadium.

Stoke City’s main rival is the Port Vale Football Club which is also based in the Stoke-on-Trent area. This rivalry has not developed into the intense competition seen in other local rivalries throughout England because the two teams have often been members of different divisions, meaning they only meet on occasion. When these two teams come together it is known as the Potters Derby, a matchup that P2P4U net notes has only occurred 46 times overall.

John Ritchie is the all-time goal scorer for Stoke City F.C. with 171 goals for the club throughout his career. The all-time appearance record for Stoke City is held by Eric Skeels who appeared in 592 games with Stoke City from 1959 to 1976. Stoke City is currently managed by Tony Pulis who has been with the club since 2006. Pulis is the first manager to lead Stoke City Football Club to the F.A. Cup final though they ended up losing to Manchester City. The highest that Stoke City has finished in the top division of English football is fourth, though that was way back during the 1935-36 season. Although Stoke City has been around longer than almost every English football club in existence today it still has relatively few honors to brag about aside from winning the Football league Cup Final in 1972. In 2011 Stoke City is competing in Europe for what P2P4U has discovered is only their third such appearance.

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