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P2P4U Net – Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club

The Wolverhampton Wanderers can trace their origins back to 1877 and the foundation of St. Lukes Football Club. By 1888 the club had become founding member of the Football League and just a year later they managed to reach the FA Cup final, though they lost to Preston North End. Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club has four FA Cup wins to its credit, the first of which came before the turn of the century in 1893 against Everton. The second FA Cup victory came in 1908 against Newcastle United while the third and fourth wins came in 1949 and 1960 respectively. These last two FA Cup wins fell on either side of one of the most productive decades in Wolverhampton Wanderers history as the club won the top tier division three times during that period.

Since 1889 Wolverhampton has player their home matches at Molineaux stadium, which is one of the most historical venues in English football. Molineaux Stadium holds the distinction of being the first new build stadium in the Football League. The current capacity of Molineaux sits at around 28,000 though planned renovations and expansions should increase that to about 36,000 by the end of the decade. For English football fans Molineaux Stadium is generally one of the best places to visit if you want to watch football in a great environment.

The most prominent nickname for Wolverhampton Wanderers is Wolves, a nickname which is supported by both the official name of the club and the adopted badge for the club which features a black wolf’s head on a orange background. The club’s official colors are black and orange and both colors are used extensively in the home and away kits. The home kit includes an orange shirt and black shorts while the away kit features both a black shirt and black shorts that are lined with orange.

The Wolves main rival is West Bromwich Albion F.C., a club that they have faced 11 times over the past 14 years and 150 time total in what is known as the Back Country Derby. Like other large market football teams Wolverhampton has had a problem in the past with hooligans using the emotion and confusion of football games to start trouble with other fans, often in the name of a particular team. These days Wolverhampton supporters are some of the best fans around though if you plan on going to Molineaux Stadium to watch football P2P4U recommends that you do not wear the colors of the opposing club.

The Wolves are currently being managed by Mick McCarthy since July of 2006 when he took over a Wolverhampton club that had been gutted due to financial concerns. Starting from scratch McCarthy managed to put together a decent team in his first season and led the wolves to a promotion into the Premier league by 2009. In 2010 McCarthy led the club to its highest finish ever, placing 15th in the Premier league and ensuring that the club would be able to play in the top tier in the next season as well.

Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. has a variety of record and statistics that may prove to be unbreakable in this era of modern football. One such record is the record for most appearances for the team, held by Derek parkin with 609 total appearances between 1968 and 1982. Even the runner up on that list, Kenny Hibbit, has 574 appearances to his credit and P2P4U net notes that he played during the same period as Derek Parkin. Another record that probably isn’t going to be broken any time soon is the all time goal scorer record set by Steve Bull in 1999 with 306 goals for the Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. English football these days is simply too different than it was half a century or even a decade ago. These days there are more football clubs than ever before and they are spending more than ever trying to get the best players at every level. This means more opportunity for players on the open market and more motivation to leave the team that brought you up whereas players in times gone by used to be loyal to their original club and lacked the mobility to make the types of moves that are being made in football today.

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