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Sunderland A.F.C. – P2P4U Net

Sunderland Association Football Club has been an almost constant competitor in England’s top flight since it was founded in 1879. Since it was established Sunderland has won six titles while competing in the first division as well as two F.A. Cups. Sunderland’s first division title came in 1892 and their last one came in 1936, the year before they won their first F.A. Cup. In 2010-11 Sunderland finished 10th in the Premier league though P2P4U net expects that they will have a better showing in 2011-12. Sunderland’s last notable honor came in 1973 when they won their second F.A. Cup. Although Sunderland has not had much success in the top tier over the last half century it has managed to succeed in the lower tiers, winning the second division title five times and the third tier title once.

Sunderland play their home games in the Stadium of Light located in Sunderland, England. Before the Stadium of Light was opened in 1997 Sunderland played their home matches in Roker Park which P2P4U notes they had called home for the previous 100 years. The Stadium of Light has a maximum capacity of 49,000, making it one of the largest stadiums in England. Despite its size the Stadium of Light is often packed to the brim with fans wanting to watch football in their favorite locale.

Sunderland’s main rival is with neighboring Newcastle United with whom they contest the Tyne-Wear Derby. These two teams first met in 1898 and have been fierce rivals ever since. In addition to Newcastle United Sunderland has also developed a rivalry with Middlesbrough Football Club which is also based in the area though P2P4U admits that Sunderland doesn’t generally view this club as a real competitor.

Common nicknames for Sunderland include Black Cats and the Lads. The Black Cats nickname stems from the two black lions that flank the red, white and gold shield like emblem. On occasion Sunderland has also been known as the Light Brigade, the Rokerites, the Roker Men, the Miners and the Sols. The club colors for Sunderland have traditionally been black and red, as can be seen from their home kits which consist of a white shirt with red vertical stripes and black shorts. The away colors for Sunderland are light blue and white and are incorporated into the away kit in the form of a light blue shirt and white shorts.

Sunderland has traditionally had one of the more loyal and vocal groups of fans in all of English football. In fact, during the 2007-08 season Sunderland was recognized as having the loudest crown of any English football team, reaching a level of 129.2 decibels. Sunderland fans have also allowed the club to average in the top ten in terms of highest annual attendance. Sunderland also has a rather large following overseas with supporter groups popping up in America as well as many European countries.

P2P4U notes that Sunderland is one of the few English clubs to be owned by an American though it is managed by an Englishman. Steve Bruce was hired to Manage Sunderland in 2009 and has since led the club to only 25 wins in 82 games for a paltry 30.9 winning percentage. In fact, Sunderland has not had a permanent manger with a winning percentage above 50.00 since Billy Elliot left the team in 1978. The only one to come close was Peter Reid who had a 45.00 winning percentage with the team from 195 to 2002. The current record holder for mot appearances with Sunderland is Jimmy Montgomery who played 527 matches with the club from 1961 to 1976. Charlie Buchan is Sunderland’s top goal scorer with a record 227 goal in his thirteen year career with Sunderland that started in 1926.

Sunderland has traditionally had a rather hard time developing consistency in the world of English football. As P2P4U notes they have been promoted and demoted from the top flight twice in the last decade and a half. Although their fans may not have been rewarded with the level of success that they deserve, fans of Sunderland F.C. still turn out in droves every season hoping that they are finally watching the squad that will make them contenders once again.

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