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West Ham United F.C. with P2P4U Net

West Ham United Football Club was founded in 1895 as the Thames Ironworks Football Club before it was renamed to its current name in 1900. For the first 28 years of its history West Ham struggled to break into the top division of English football but the clubs big break finally came in 1923 when West Ham United was finally promoted into the top flight. Also in 1923 West Ham went on to appear in their first Wembley FA Cup Final, a rather astonishing achievement in the opinion of P2P4U since it was their first year of competition with the elites. Like many other English football clubs West Ham United F.C. has been bouncing in and out of the first division for the better part of a century with the latest shuffle coming in 2003 when the club was demoted to the Championship division and then two years later once again won promotion back into the premier league. The highest that West Ham has ever finished in the Premier league is 5th and that accomplishment came during the 1998-1999 season under the guidance of manager Harry Redknapp.

Thanks to their original founding as the Thames Ironworks Football Club West Ham United is often known as the Hammers or the Irons. In some circles West Ham United F.C. is also known as The Academy of Football, or just the Academy for short, because of their stellar reputation for developing young players into superstars. The official crest of West Ham United F.C. features a pair of crossed hammers laid over a castle, all of which are a dark yellow, seated on a Burgundy background in the shape of a shield. Below the shield is a burgundy banner that has the club’s name written in white lettering. The home colors of West Ham United were originally a dark blue but today the home kit consists of a shirt that features the same burgundy color as the crest with light blue sleeves of the same color used to outline the club crest. The club’s away kit is almost all blue except for two burgundy stripes on the shirt and a burgundy outline around the sleeves.

West Ham United F.C. plays their home matches at Boleyn Ground, also known as Upton Park. Located in East London the stadium has the capacity to seat just over 35,000 fans, a respectable number in the eyes of P2P4U net. West Ham has played their home matches at Boleyn Ground since 1904, before which they played on a variety of different grounds, usually hopping from one to another every few years. Although West Ham has traditionally played at Boleyn Ground fans of the club may soon witness the end of an era as the club and several support groups and other third parties are lobbying for the rights for West Ham to be able to take over the stadium built for the 2012 Olympics after they are finished. The proposed stadium would likely be able to sit around 60,000 fans though there is talk that it may also have to be able to double as an athletics track.

The original rival to West Ham United was Millwall Football Club which like West Ham United was originally founded as an ironworks club though Millwall consisted of players from an opposing company. Because of these combative origins these two clubs have remained fierce rivals over the years, even though they hardly ever get to meet since they are usually in different divisions. In addition to Millwall P2P4U notes that West Ham United also has regional rivalries with a handful of team that also call London home, including Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea. These rivalries have been fueled over the years by players leaving one London club to sign with another. West Ham has especially seen more than its fair share of players leave only to sign contract with cross town rivals.

West End United F.C. will be going into the 2011-12 season under the guidance of new manager Sam Allardyce who has previously managed the Bolton Wanderers, Blackpool, Newcastle united and the Blackburn Rovers. As a manager Sam Allardyce has an overall career winning percentage of 40.08 and has been named Premier League manager of the Month on four separate occasions over the last decade.

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